Mail and Packages


Brad Greco
P.O. Box 1 (283)
Ukarumpa, EHP 44
Papua New Guinea


USPS flat-rate boxes
  • USPS flat-rate priority international boxes work well and are economical.
    • Go to to price out the different size boxes. If you can fit the items in the Large Video Flat Rate box (9-1/4" x 6-1/4" x 2"), at the time of this writing, it would cost $26.50 to send it to Papua New Guinea.
    • Packages will take 3-8 weeks, no matter what the Post Office promises. Don't pay to speed it up! (It doesn't work)
  • DHL is fast, but very expensive.
    • A good option would be to send your package to a warehouse that helps missionaries called JAARS in North Carolina. They will collect packages together from different people and consolidate them into one cost effective shipment. This is how I usually ship things to myself. The only challenge with this option is the paper work involved, but if your interested in this (perhaps you want to send something big and it is way too expensive using USPS), let me know via email and I'll help set it up!
  • Don't send via UPS or FedEx as it just doesn't work.
  • Please pack any food items extra well as rats will often get to it before I can, especially if it ends up sitting in a hangar or PO somewhere for a while.
  • I've heard that the more tape you use on a package the better the chance that it will arrive unopened!

USPS Customs Forms

You'll need to fill out a customs form at the Post Office. Here are some tips:
  • General descriptions of the items are usually safer. Group similar items under one heading. If you are too specific, items may get stolen along the way.
  • Food items should be listed as "culinary items" or "cooking supplies". (Please don't send anything perishable. Please seal in Zip-lock bags. Doubling is ok too because we can reuse them.)
  • If you send any kind of media (CDs, DVDs, etc..), list it as “media.”
  • Check the box for “Gift” on the customs form to describe the contents


Thanks to the Michael family for creating these instructions.