Where in the world is Papua New Guinea?

November 22, 2014

Well... it's right about here:

Papua New Guinea map

Its territory consists of the eastern half of the large island of New Guinea, as well as 600 other islands. It is home to 6.7 million people, who collectively speak a total of 838 (!!!) different languages. Of these, 467 still have no Scripture at all.

English is one of the official national languages, but the most widely used language nationally is called Tok Pisin. I'll be studying the language during my training after I arrive in PNG. Much of its vocabulary is drawn from English, but knowing English if of limited usefulness when trying to understand Tok Pisin. Here's what John 3:16 looks like:

God i gat wanpela Pikinini tasol i stap. Tasol God i laikim tumas olgeta manmeri bilong graun, olsem na em i givim dispela wanpela Pikinini long ol. Em i mekim olsem bilong olgeta manmeri i bilip long em ol i no ken lus. Nogat. Bai ol i kisim laip i stap gut oltaim oltaim.
Jon 3:16 (Buk Baibel long Tok Pisin)

Here is the town where I will live, Ukarumpa:

Ukarumpa map

Ukarumpa is quite close to the equator, but due to its elevation of 4,900 feet, it doesn't get that hot. The temperature rarely rises above the low 80's during the day, and generally stays in the 50's at night.

People have told me I will miss the snow. They are wrong.

What's it like to live there? Ask me in a year. They have a store, a post office, a clinic, a library, an elementary school and a high school, an airstrip, an auto shop... and more, I'm sure.